4 Grams Mixed Indica Shatter

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Strains: Master Kush , Yoda OG , Sensi Star

Similar to: Mixed Indica Hash , Mixed Indica Kief

Flavors: Earth , Tangerine , Kush-like

Effects: Relaxing , Euphoric , Hungry , Sleepy , Happy

Medical: Pain , Inflammation , Nausea , Depression , Muscle Spasms

Potency: 70-90% THC Content


Mixed Indica Shatter is made from a variety of different Indica strains of cannabis. Indica strains of cannabis are known for providing relaxing , calming , and sometimes even sedating effects. Indicas are known for their potent THC content , ability to create an intense case of the munchies and their pain relieving properties. Medical patients also tend to turn to Indicas when looking for relief from anxiety , insomnia , inflammation , lack of appetite , muscle spasms and more. Mixed Indica Shatter can be enjoyed however you enjoy consuming dabs whether it be a vapor pen , dab rig or just simply within a joint or bowl.


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